Your guests are safe with us. We don’t know any bad pick up lines, don’t know how to say embarrassing things in front of everyone, and don’t know how to steal the dance floor with “check out this move I saw on Youtube!” Your day is about you. That’s why we conduct ourselves professionally at all times, so everyone feels comfortable, relaxed, and ready to celebrate like never before.

Headphone Wearing DJs

First things first: we are Masters of Ceremonies, leading elegant, fun events for wonderful folks, not DJs. DJs can be too music-focused, losing sight of your special day. Emcees focus on whole entertainment—music selection, transitions, creating memories, adding personality, and honoring everyone present. DJs use a table and speakers. Emcees use the room, the music, and the moment. See the difference?

Your Neighbor / Friend

Just because someone can make a killer playlist doesn’t mean they are the right fit to celebrate you in front of everyone who matters. We love the idea of personalizing your special day (in fact, we do that for you), but consider selecting someone who has successfully lead events for years and knows all the right things to do.

Remember, friends don’t let friends, friend-DJ their special event.

Piano Tie Wearers

Sheesh. The 90s were rough on entertainment attire. But don’t worry. Simply Celebrate’s Masters of Ceremonies intentionally wear classic attire with simple, modern flare. This choice subtly adds to your event’s classy atmosphere, instead of making it feel like a color blind 90s sitcom.